Friday, March 2, 2007

PBR Enhances Pool Playing

Last night, after a hard day at school, I decided to head to The Sundown Saloon in Pearl ST for a few refreshments of the PBR variety. The Sundowner is a pretty great bar, especially now that they cleared out the back section from being smoking only so there is way more seating.

Anyways, perhaps I am the only one that has experienced the pool playing enhancement that occurs when drinking, but I was in the zone for several hours. Mary was in the zone for about 15 minutes, but proceeded to booze her way out of the zone, although still had flashes of brilliance throughout the night. When all was said and done, team Mary and Pat were undefeated in something like 6 games of pool, it was quite ridiculous.

Starting Sunday, the weather is looking amazing, I am excited to get a ton of biking in.


Mary said...

Yeah, sorry. I left my A-game at home that night. Way to dominate!

James said...

Part of being a champion though is accepting challenges, instead of chickening out at the end cause it's late..

but I agree with the drunk theory.