Tuesday, March 6, 2007

My Future Garden

I got confirmation from Growing Gardens of Boulder that I officially have a garden plot for this year, #15 in the Centennial Gardens. This is going to be awesome, I am growing to grow crazy delicious food with my amiga Katie Nance. Here is what it looks like now:

I will keep this updated with my progress, I'm sure you can't wait!

I also bought a digital camera today as I have no camera whatsoever and I want to document things like my garden and bike adventures. Man, I am getting old. I did find a brilliant find at REI, a Bento Box:

This thing is going to be great for carrying food on my longer rides instead of stuffed in my jersey or for holding my new camera. Plus it was cheap!

1 comment:

Hermano said...

You found an amazing find at REI? That's good writing.

Also, by "find" I'm assuming you meant, "Saw the Bento Box my roommate has and looked around for one of my own."