Thursday, March 8, 2007

Castor Beans Are Not For Decoration

Last night, I attended a mandatory garden plot meeting. It was pretty useless, other than I got a bunch of flyers on when to plant stuff. There was this old codger at the meeting who informed the entire room not to plant castor beans for decoration of your garden, because terrorists can use them to make ricin and poison the children. Although I wish he described this to the entire crowd, ricin is poisonous because it causes diarrhea so bad that you die from massive fluid and electrolyte loss! I'm pretty sure I'm going to grow some and test it out on Adam (my roommate and arch-nemisis), as it is an excellent laxative in small doses (thanks wikipedia).

I also discovered yesterday that Smart Ground soy taco meat, tastes exactly like real meat, at least in burrito form.

More disturbing than that, it looks exactly like real meat. I suggest you all try it, it is delicious.

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