Thursday, March 1, 2007

Morning Has Broken

Its roughly 7:30 AM today and I'm sitting in my office waiting for my advisor to send me a research proposal so I can proofread it. The only reason I woke up today is because I found this amazing new tool for my MacBook:

Alarm Clock

This thing is amazing, it wakes my computer from sleep, then slowly increases the volume on my computer to wake me up to whatever song I want. It also works with my Apple Remote, so I can put it on snooze from my bed without touching the computer. Amazing!

Does it seem like the weather this winter has been garbage everywhere? It snowed a ton yesterday here and this morning it was cold and windy. For the morons out there who believe global warming is a myth (i.e. republicans), I think they should take this as a sign. That and the fact that ice shelves are breaking off in the poles and the mountains of empirical data showing the rise in temperatures.


Tofu [Pete] said...

It's extra snowy and cold and you're complaining about global warming?

The whole thing is a hoax!

I'm sure fox news or bill o'rilley has the scoop on this hoax

Hermano said...

No more blogs about your little Mathbook, please. I don't care how many widgets you find.