Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Domestic Dispute

Its 1:30 AM and I'm listening to my neighbors upstairs yell at each other, its fairly entertaining. There have been many f-bombs dropped so far.

Keep in mind that these people are possibly the dumbest human beings on the planet. As far as Adam and I can tell, Rich's daily tasks include sitting on his couch watching the cable they steal from us, and occasionally smoking out of a huge bong. Mindy works all day and is always friendly, but some of the stupidest conversations I have ever experienced have been with her.

I can't be sure, but apparently Rich, the guy from Brooklyn who informed me when we first moved in that he's "old school" has gotten in trouble for either playing online poker or going to some sort of online chat room, either way, Mindy is jealous. Rich feels like he was justified to do whatever he was doing because he was "loving and loving and loving" Mindy all night. This apparently came to an end when he started using the computer, which he was doing because he was "lonely".

It all just ended with Rich storming out and informing Mindy that he is sleeping on the couch, he just wanted her "to hear it from his mouth." Somehow this all involves dropping things on the floor on the hardwood floor directly above my bedroom. Now there is music playing and I'm envisioning Rich crying himself to sleep on the sofa while he listens to "Lonely Teardrops" by Jackie Wilson.

I hope to one day have a relationship this strong.

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Hi. My name is Teresa. said...

Yeah, when I lived in Albany off of Queen for a few months, I had some similarly awesome next-door neighbors. In the middle of the night, the husband/father of two was drunk and yelling outside, "You fat c*nt! That's the last time you hit me! F*ck you!" Etc. Very entertaining. Gotta love the W.T. of America. P.S. Hope you're doing well :)