Monday, March 5, 2007

Anne Coulter Is Insane

I was reading CNN the other day and they had an article about Anne Coulter referring to John Edwards as a faggot. This is really no surprise to anyone who knows who Anne Coulter is (a female Rush Limba who can get away with more because she hasn't been found taking prescription pain killers, yet). I guess sponsors starting pulling their adds from her website. I then had the brilliant idea of visiting her website to see what kind of things she posts. Here is a sample:

"Even right-wingers who know that "global warming" is a crock do not seem to grasp what the tree-huggers are demanding. Liberals want mass starvation and human devastation."

An interesting point of view... if you are mentally retarded. There is a guy I do research, a devote mormon and strict conservative, who doesn't "believe" in global warming. When I heard this, I just stared in awe at his incredible will power, convincing oneself of such things is no easy task. I am also under the assumption that he is on some sort of welfare, as he has several children and a wife who I think stays at home at least part of the time. I have never understood how conservatism and social welfare can coexist, yet somehow they do, but this is a topic for a different day.

Anyone who believes the earth isn't warming is a complete moron, look at the mountains! I few summers ago, I backpacked around the Three Sisters in the Oregon Cascades. As you go around North Sister, you pass a viewpoint for the glacier that exists on the north side of the mountain. The strange thing is, you can't see the glacier, its melted around a bend. There is a picture of it taken in the 1920s, where it was about 100 feet from this viewpoint. That's a serious amount of warming! Giant ice shelves thousands of years old are falling into the sea and melting, we can see it happening with satellites. We can measure the retreat of glaciers in the arctic regions, its fast and accelerating. Do people seriously believe this is made up? That this is some sort of bamboozling by the liberal left to get you to buy solar panels and hybrid cars?

What effect will global warming have? No one really knows, but I think the general consensus is if everything that is currently frozen melts, it will be a real bummer for some people, like the entire east coast of the United States. This could not be all bad, as it might get rid of the MTV muscle heads I despise, but it could move them closer to me which would be a disaster. I think this is more likely to be taken care of by a scenario as seen in the american classic, "Deep Impact", but Bruce Willis is still alive, so my guess is he can take care of any interstellar impact problems.

Now what actions to take to correct a warming earth is a hard question, my guess will be people will do nothing until its too late and something devastating occurs. I think Americans as a whole are too greedy to give up anything of consequence, like sparingly using cars (get a bike fat-asses). Good thing I live at 5400 ft, where rising oceans are of no consequence to me. I do enjoy warm weather, this could increase my outdoor cycling season!


Christian said...

Bruce Willis wasn't in Deep Impact. That was the one where the astroid actually hit and they all went to live in caves. Tea Leoni did get crushed by a gigantic title wave though, so it still had a happy ending.

My name is Patrick. said...

Yeah, I am aware that he was in Armageddon and not Deep Impact, but I needed a title wave to crush the east coast and and action star capable of stopping large asteroids.

Stephen said...

Have you seen the documentary Jesus Camp? It's facinating. There's a scene where this hardcore brainwashed christian bitch is homeschooling her son, and teaching him all about how global warming is just want the athiests want you to believe. Go watch that movie.

p.s. I moved my blog:

James said...

As a Cornell alum I belive it is my job to defend Ms. Coulter. Umm...ok nevermind.