Sunday, March 4, 2007

Call It What You Will

I do not like to lose. This is something that has always been true of me, it probably is a result of playing insanely intense cribbage and other games with my father and grandmother, both of whom usually beat me (especially my dad), while growing up.

Another trait of mine that I am well aware of is a lack of fear of telling people my honest opinion, without much regard to their feelings, and this is usually stated bluntly. I probably developed this during my time at Linfield, thanks Nick Dills and Mike Jenson.

I think these traits can be both good and bad, and there probably isn't too much I can do about them, they help define who I am.

Tonight, I happened to be in a position where my opinion mattered and what I said was pretty much what was going to happen. This involved a situation of winning or losing, and I took decisive action to ensure the victory. This may have come at the cost of some hurt feelings, probably not the kind of thing you'd go home and cry about, but something that could make make the person who my decision effected hold it against me for all time. For this I am sorry, but I'd probably make the same choice again.

On one hand, I like that I can be assertive. Alternatively, I do not enjoy making people feel bad. I can't decide what path I should take in general. Perhaps the future will provide me with more insight.


Anonymous said...

You need to just do stand up comedy. You get to be an ass hole under the disguise of "being funny."

Moab sounds fun. We don't get an actual "spring break" (because my school is run by a Nazi regime) but I could take some days off. Let me know for sure when you're coming down.

Erin said...

the decisive action and blunt honesty was definitely needed - thanks, el capitan! i can't wait to kick some more ass next week!

Erin said...

oh, and we should definitely play some competitive cribbage in the future. prepare to be destroyed.