Sunday, March 4, 2007

First Long Ride of the Year

It finally got nice out again, in the 50s today so I wailed on the pavement for a while. I went counterclockwise on the loop below:

It was about a 50 mile ride, with nothing but sunshine the entire time. I met an old dude on the road while I was headed to Longmont, its nice meeting people on the bike. They always give you good ride suggestions. He told me about this road up Rabbit Mountain, a hill near Lyons so I hope to try that out Tuesday morning.

Going through Longmont pretty much sucks, I don't really recommend it, but all the other roads I was on were great.

Towards the end of the loop, I headed up over Old Stage, it was nice to get into the mountains a little bit and have a decent decent. On the way back home, I passed this super hot chick on a bike, who I immediately liked because I saw her run a light when there were no cars coming, but she was too slow and I didn't get to chit chat. Lame.

Innertube waterpolo playoffs in one hour!

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