Sunday, March 18, 2007

Emotional Rollercoaster

Yesterday was a stressful day for me. Not only did I have to study for a midterm on Monday, but more importantly the NCAA tournament was on all day. CBS figured out a way to let you watch it online, so while doing some math I'd watch the game at the same time.

The reason it was such a stressful day is that my roommate and I have a wager on who will have the most teams in the Sweet 16, Elite 8, and Final 4, between the Pac-10 and Big-10. I won't fill you in on the details, but the games that were on yesterday were all close and packed full of potential upsets, and it drove me crazy. If you were in the Math building yesterday, all of the screaming was from me.

Right now, there is 1 Big-10 and 1 Pac-10 team in the Sweet Sixteen, and both conferences have two teams playing today. Wisconsin is playing UNLV, so I don't think I'm going to win that one. Purdue is playing Florida, so that should work out well for me. On the Pac-10 side, we have Oregon playing Winthrop, which should be a win, and USC against Texas. This is probably the most interesting game, hopefully Kevin Durant got the flu last night and won't be playing. Cheer for the Pac-10!

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