Thursday, June 28, 2007


Finally, after months of trying, my team finally managed to win the Thursday night Geeks Who Drink pub trivia. We've gotten second several times, but this week things finally came together thanks to some amazing freak guesses that turned out to be correct in uber hard rounds and Ben's amazing ability to come up with correct answers after he though about them really hard. That, and the entire box of Tuna Helper that Pete and I ate immediately beforehand probably stimulated our minds to new levels. There were only four of us tonight, and the fourth didn't show up until round 6 (of 8). I also won the internet bonus trivia, which got me a really crappy t-shirt that I'll never wear.

The beard is itching, but I'm fighting the urge to shave it.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Colorado Springs and a Beard Update

It was in the 90s all weekend and for some ridiculous reason I decided to ride my bike with trailer attached down to Colorado Springs. I sweated about 20 gallons of water out of me, it was pretty amazing. The route I took looks like this:

Its about 100 miles each way, I spent the night down there and rode back on Sunday. One thing I learned is not to eat a calzone for lunch and expect the next hour of exercise to be especially pleasant. Cheese does not digest quickly.

I'm well on my way to becoming the star of American History XI, judge for yourself:

I figure about one or two more weeks and it'll be full blown.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Making Pops Proud

The time has come, I'm bored for the summer and I've decided to unleash my massive facial hair growing power. That's right, it is time for me to grow a beard. The time has come to unleash the Young/Kruger genes and grow myself a half beard, here is what I've got in the past four days:

Be prepared to see all that is man in the next few weeks as I fill this MOTHA FUCKA in (sorry for the language Mom, but its necessary). It may not look like too much now, but I've got blondish hair so forgive me...

In other news, I bought a suit with a semi-amazing tie. I'm pretty excited about it, it will be unleashed at Erin's wedding this July.

By the way, I was hoping for a massive influx if witty/clever responses to the neighbors. I received zero, come on!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Arcade Fire Tickets

The Arcade Fire is playing Redrocks Sept. 17th! I just got tickets, they're $45 including service charge...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Quite The Weekend

I had a great weekend, let me do a little recap for you.

Saturday, I got some excellent sleep in time and did some needed gardening with Katie. Most of of our plants rebounded after getting knocked down by the wind and I put up supports for the tomatoes. Its looking pretty decent. That night I went out with some buddies, where we were accosted by the Red Stripe girls at the Lazy Dog. In other words, I got free beer and it was delicious.

Sunday morning, I volunteered at the Boulder Sprint Triathlon as a bike marshall, which involves standing on a corner and pointing to where people should turn. It wasn't too exciting, but roommate Adam got third in his age division, most likely because my presence inspires peak performance. Later in the day, Adam's girlfriend Emily was nice enough to drive Pete and I to Nederland where rode up into the Indian Peaks and dominated some high alpine trails, here are some pics:

We rode back through Gold Hill and got some delicious apple pie right before the general store closed. Once I got home, I took a shower and to top off the day, Alien vs Predator was on. It was incredible.

In a slight downturn in fortune, I've had to deal with Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum today, aka my semi-retarded upstairs neighbors. Two weeks ago, Rich came down and issued a series of profanities like "faggot-ass college kids" and whatnot because we supposedly called the landlord about them NEVER cleaning up their dog's poop. We never actually called her, but a month or so ago she asked me how the yard looked and I told her the back yard was long and we weren't mowing it because of said poop.

Last week, I had to explain to them how they owed $53 instead of $50 in bills. It involved adding two numbers together and dividing by two.

Today, I came home to find an empty box of Tide in front of the door with a note reading

"This was Mindy and Richie's soap. Hope it cleaned your clothes."

Of course neither of us have ever used their soap. I haven't yet decided how to respond, but I like Adam's suggestion of the following:

Rich and Mindy,

Thanks! I think you're mistaken about us using the soap, but just in case, thanks for the laundry assistance. Feel free to take the $2.89 out of the $289 you owe us for the cable you've stolen this year.


The "Faggot-Ass College Students" Downstairs

They were nice enough to lie to us about getting cable for free, and we noticed sometime back that they were watching ESPN and whatnot. We never said anything, but perhaps the time is now. Post your suggestions for a response in the comments!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Exciting times at CU, they've replaced all the old soap dispensers with those magical ones that spit out foam. It is now way more fun to wash your hands.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Next Summer

I have bike touring on the mind and I can't stop thinking about doing a major trip at the start of next summer, starting maybe in the middle of May. Most likely, this will never happen, but what I'm thinking now is that I could bike from Portland to Boulder. Its about 2000 miles, and I think it would take about 5 weeks if I was pretty dedicated to riding 80-90 miles a day which is pretty manageable I think since I'd probably have tail winds most of the time and I'd hit the Rockies towards the end after building up some good endurance. Anyone who has some time off could join me, it would be quite the adventure. I think I'd try to do it as cheap as possible, so mostly stealth camping and cooking for myself (aka oatmeal and pasta). We shall see.

I don't think I'm going to take any classes in the fall, so it'll be full time research but also I'll be able to take time for whatever. I may try a week long tour in September or October and see how it goes...

Monday, June 4, 2007


I got a package from Linfield today, pertaining to my alumni giving. That's right, I gave them a $25 tax deductible donation about a month ago, and they are really excited about it! They're so excited that they turned around and spend that money on sending me this:

That's right, a recognition award. I took it to the framer today. I also got a Linfield Alumni sticker that is printed backwards so I can put it inside my car window, too bad I don't have a car.

Further developments of the week included Katie and I planted the transplants in our garden, it now looks somewhat presentable, I may get around to putting a picture up. I also went on a long bike ride to Ward and Lyons on Sunday and saw Knocked Up this evening. It wasn't as funny as I had hoped, but still hilarious.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Notre Dame Scheduling

Whoever sets the schedule for Notre Dame football is a complete idiot. Being that living with Adam forces me to watch every Notre Dame football game, I was somewhat interested in who they're playing this year. Here it is:

September 1 Georgia Tech
September 8 at Penn State
September 15 at Michigan
September 22 Michigan State
September 29 at Purdue
October 6 at UCLA
October 13 Boston College
October 20 USC
November 3 Navy
November 10 Air Force
November 17 Duke
November 24 at Stanford

Taken as a whole, this is a pretty challenging schedule (minus Duke and the insane number of home games, come on!). However, the last four games are ridiculously easy. Here is what is going to happen this coming season. Notre Dame is going to win and lose at the start of the season, get in the rankings probably in the latter half of the teens. Then they'll win their last four by blowouts and not move up at all, and I will be forced to listen to Adam bitch about how they're getting no respect, which will undoubtedly be extremely annoying. They will then get to some bowl game where they'll get stomped because they hadn't played a quality team since October 20, over two months! Spread the difficulty around a bit, you complete retards.

Here is an example of a schedule not designed by morons:

08/30 Utah
09/06 at Cincy
09/15 Idaho St
09/22 at Arizona St
09/29 UCLA
10/06 Arizona
10/13 at California
10/27 Stanford
11/03 at USC
11/10 Washington
11/17 at Wash St
12/01 at Oregon

Put the fluff at the beginning so you can work out the kinks and then start playing quality teams. Who's schedule is this? Oregon State. My prediction is an 11-1 season, including a spanking by USC as revenge for last year. They'll probably get a BCS game and have a repeat of the OSU-Nortre Dame game except they'll be playing a team that deserves to be in a BCS game. Snap!