Saturday, February 17, 2007

A True Boulderite

Right now, I'm at a coffee shop in downtown Boulder, wearing my hipster glasses and drinking a latte. A woman just walked by wearing a sunny dress and carrying a Whole Foods canvas grocery bag. I am blogging on my MacBook, and and surrounded by other people using their Apple labtops. This is the quintessential life of a Boulderite. The only thing that could make it more over the top is if my roommate showed up after he had ran a triathlon or whatever he was doing this morning to work on his public defending caseload as I listened to Elliott Smith and read Ulysses while pretending to understand it. Maybe next Saturday.

In other news, my roommate found out that his internship this summer is in Colorado Springs.

As you can see, Colorado Springs is not that close to Boulder, about 100 miles away. He'll be staying with his aunt and uncle and their three kids during the week this summer, which ought to be interesting for him. I see this as both a good and a bad for me, as I will be able to walk around in my underwear during the week, but won't have anyone to play Madden with. Furthermore, I may end up doing insane from being forced into conversation with our semi-retarded upstairs neighbors Mindy and Rich. I have a terrible feeling that they plan on living the summer Dre style, no living hard (hence the 3 foot bong in their livingroom) and BBQs everyday in the backyard with their equally retarded friends. The one benefit of all this snow is that they haven't been outside much, letting me reduce our contact to notes about how much money they owe me for bills. This convenience will most likely be ruined once it warms up. On the plus side, I think I'll try to hitch a ride down with Adam some morning when he goes back and then ride my bike back from Colorado Springs, which will be some good training for the Triple Bypass this summer and to my general domination of the cycling world.

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Hermano said...

I will not come to the coffee shop with you because I am (1) making a delicious omelette with four eggs and fake sausage, (2) because I am not a Mac tool and realize that a Mac is just like a PC, only prick-ier, and (3) I actually understand Ulysses. And it was not a triathlon, it was an aquathlon.