Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bike Repair Weekend

This weekend I was productive, but not with respect to school. I spent most of the day Saturday getting the ghetto Schwinn World Sport of Pete's. It was insanely dirty, I have never seen a drivetrain so covered with grit, it must have been 20 years worth. I used a ton of degreaser, but still needed to use a screwdriver to get the majority of the dirt off. It now looks like this:

Look how spotless it is! The Schwinn also doesn't make the horrible grinding noise it used to, probably a good thing. I did notice the frame was rather rusty in spots, so I think this bike is not worth putting any money into it. However, its in much better shape than my pos GT, so I'm planning on using it for my commuting from here on out. At least until I get a fixie!

Innertube water polo victory today, albeit by forfeit. Playoff start next week.

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