Friday, February 23, 2007

My new tool in the fight against the steel, gas powered beasts of death.

Today is a glorious day, I sold my mountain bike and decided to use the money my grandmother left to me in her passing to buy a new bike, a Surly Crosscheck. It is supposed to be built this coming Tuesday around 5, so I'll head in for my fit and then take it to its new home.

In celebration of my new purchase and the fact that there is a storm blowing in tonight, I went on a bike ride. My route is shown below, I went counterclockwise:

I do not recommend this route to anyone unless you have a love of small shoulders and heavy traffic. Highway 72 has a big shoulder, but Highway 93 and Indiana are horrible! Also, it was pretty windy and I had to deal with a strong crosswind the entire time, which was not pleasant.

People in cars are assholes, its unbelievable. I was riding along, minding my own business and some high schooler in an SUV coming the other way decided to honk his horn the entire time he drove by. Its bad enough dealing with people hugging the edge of the road with their special trailer mirrors that extend four feet past their car door. It is amazing to me the shear number of cars on the road, where are these people going? As you can see, the roads I was riding don't really go anywhere! They service ranches and whatnot. Its very bizarre.

I hope Barak Obama likes bikes.


Tofu [Pete] said...

What time did did you do your ride? As you know, HWY 93 has lots of ski traffic, especially on the weekends

Erin said...

Cars piss me off. I had my first road-sharing experience on my bike today, and I forevermore promise to be extremely respectful to cyclists while I'm driving.