Monday, February 19, 2007

The Arcade Fire

Although it pains me greatly to say it, my roommate has once again led me to an excellent band, this one is The Arcade Fire. They have one cd out called Funeral and it is excellent. Somehow, he got his hands on a prerelease of their new album Neon Bible, which I haven't heard much of but it seems excellent. They're sort of indie/epic rock. Furthermore, the band looks like this:

Ten people in a band? Awesome! They all look like they're really enjoying themselves, especially the guy with the drums up front. I want to see them live, if you hear about them coming to Denver let me know.

I think I did pretty well on my midterm today, although I still hate analysis above all other things. We will see how it went an a week or so.

My mountain bike that I'm selling on Ebay has a ton of people "watching" it, so I'm hoping to get a good price. Then, I will immediately go to Excel Sports and buy my Surly Crosscheck! I also am supposed to get my new Brooks saddle tomorrow, so I'll start carving it into the shape of my ass this week! It is looking to be nice all week, so epic rides are in my near future.

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Anonymous said...

"Gob never does anything for the family."

"HEY, I'm fucking Lucille 2!"