Friday, February 16, 2007

The Shins

Last night after my complex analysis tutorial I headed off to Denver with Pete, Mary, and Erin to see The Shins. After some discussion on what direction is in fact east and passing the majestic castle that houses The Mattress King, we arrived in Denver and proceeded to get some food at the City Grille on Colfax. This place is pretty great, and Thursday is $3 microbrew/import night to make it even better. I highly recommend this place, not only was the food really good, but after 9 PM you can get mini burgers (White Castle style) for $1!

After eating and talking about different glands we'd have clogged up at one time or another resulting in large discharges of fluids, we left for the show. The Shins were playing at the Fillmore, which is just up Colfax a few blocks from the restaurant. I almost had to unleash the rage after the ticket lady informed me that 3 of the 4 tickets we had were showing up as refunded. Some manager came over, took the tickets and my ID, pretended to do something in the back, and then let us in.

There are two shitty things about the Fillmore. First, it is gigantic. As Pete said, it seems like you're standing in a high school gymnasium. Second, beer there is $7, very lame indeed. Anyways, The Shins turned out not to suck as I feared they might. I had seen them on Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago and they really blew, but I think they're much more comfortable in front of an audience instead of on TV. On the other hand, I doubt I'd see them again, at least not in that venue.

Future concerts to attend include The Cold War Kids at the High-Dive. I have heard they rock live. Also Adam has gotten, through means he refused to explain, tickets to see The Killers at Redrocks in May. I can't wait to join the hordes of anguished 17 year olds!

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