Thursday, February 22, 2007


February is a good month, I have not appreciated it in the past but this year is different. Perhaps I had ill will towards it since it is like the seventh month of nonstop rain in Oregon, but things are different in Colorado. It could be that February finally brought an end to the ridiculous amount of snow cover we had, although my backyard is still hA several inches covering it.

Mostly, I like that its getting warmer so I can get a bike ride in during the morning and not freeze my cojones off. Possibly the best Christmas gift I have ever received, my Pearl Izumi wool bike jersey, is amazing at keeping me warm enough to be comfortable while letting the sweat through. I recommend that everyone buy one. Today, I rode the rocky flats loop, but in counterclockwise which I had never done. This is a way better route, you don't have cars screaming by you as you come back into Boulder. If you are unfamiliar with this route, see below:

Its a quick ride, but has some decent climbing and overall is a good workout. It was also my first ride in trying out my new Brooks Swift leather saddle. I originally had it angled slightly down, but after 10 seconds of riding I realized it was crushing my prostate and took the advice of others that have Brooks and angled it slightly backwards. A drastic improvement! For about half the ride it felt great, but towards the end it got a little uncomfortable. Hopefully after about five rides it'll be somewhat broken in and ready for hours of fun.

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Anonymous said...

So I've also been enjoying our spring-like weather. The other day I was lying outside, reading in the sun. Then I wake up this morning and there are like 4 inches of snow on my car. Son of a bitch!