Sunday, February 11, 2007

Shuffle Board For All!

The snow is melting away finally, so yesterday I went on a bike ride with Pete and James down to Lyons and back to Boulder via some country roads. All the time I've put in to the trainer lately has definitely paid some dividends, as I felt like I was flying down the road and up the hills. For Christmas, I got this ridiculously cool wool bike jersey that kept me warm and made me look badass, yes! Working on my cadence is also working out pretty well for me, definitely much more efficient than grinding away at a hard gear. Thanks Lance!

After this ride, we were all pretty famished so we went to Pasta Jay's in our licra-spandex tights and florescent yellow jackets to eat food and drink wine. After a bottle of chianti, a trip to Denver was planned to meet up with one of James' friends from high school. I came to the realization that I need a high definition TV immediately once we got to his apartment, but I think I'm going to have to wait a while to achieve this dream, at least until after I get the Surly Crosscheck. Adam, I expect to you take up the slack in this department.

Going out on the town, we went first to this bar called Andrews. FYI it sucks. Lots of pool tables though. The one observation I did pick up is that people in Denver are not in as good as shape as people in Boulder, there was definitely some large cabooses in the place. Then my wishes came true when we heard of a bar on Colfax called The Squire that has free shuffle board. Insane! We immediately left Andrews to check it out.

The Squire is a serious dive, reminiscent of The Hutch in the Hollywood district in Portland except you can't smoke in Denver. The shuffle board was a little inconsistent, but it was free and more than adequate for Pete and I to destroy James and his friend in three games. Plus they have a jukebox there, so immediately some Wolfmother was played. On top of all this, all the bottled beer was $2 including Guinness! The only downer, besides being in Denver, was that the place was pretty dead for a Saturday night. Can't wait till I get my hipster glasses, then I'll really fit in at that place.

Today was a little less exciting, the innertube waterpolo team lost by one point. On the plus side, I did get to go to Costco and see a can of tuna that was no joke, the size of a gallon of milk. I can't imagine what that much tuna could be used for in one sitting, nor do I ever want to find out.

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