Friday, February 9, 2007

The Exploitation Of My Mother's Insurance

My birthday is coming up, April 7th for those of you who cannot remember. The health insurance company that currently covers me has decided to give me an early birthday gift, the cancellation of my coverage come April 30th. Apparently, being 24 and still under your parents coverage is no longer acceptable in today's society. What happened to the good ol' days of living on the farm as a family and growing crops and raising livestock until you died before you were 50 from being overworked or getting caught in some sort of farm implement? To shame America!

I've decided to stick it to the man and take maximum advantage of my benefits why I still have them, hence the dentist appointment described previously. This coming Monday, I am having my first eye exam ever! I'm fairly certain I need glasses, as I have a hard time seeing chalk boards when I sit in the back of a classroom, or faces from far away. Luckily, my other insanely acute senses have more than made up for this.

I see this as my opportunity to begin the rehipsterfication of Boulder. This town has grown into a yuppie paradise with %50 of the population either ultra marathoners or triathletes who only wear Arcter'x or Monte Bell jackets. Without a doubt, under these jackets is some sort of collard button down shirt and possibly an argyle sweater (100% probability if its CU Law night at the Republic of Boulder). It disgusts me and it's time for a change. How will this change begin? With me getting a set of hipster glasses. Then my acquisition of a fixed gear bike this summer. From this small change, the revolution will begin, just like a butterfly's wings starting a hurricane.

Either that, or I'll be able to see the board again in class and have a cool new bike.

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Hermano said...

So, are you intentionally ignoring the spell check feature?