Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Sports Are Over Until Next Fall

Last night's championship game between The Ohio State University and Florida officially brings and end to this school year's sporting season, mainly because the only thing I like about baseball is annoying my roommate with questions on obscure rules. Just like last year's tournament, the Big 10 let me down by getting blown out. Had Ohio State won, I would be $25 richer. My impression of Greg Oden did go up quite a bit after seeing him dominate on the inside, too bad the rest of his team was horrible. I hate Florida.

Another thing that is coming to an end is television shows for the year. Last night was the season finale of The Hills, the greatest show MTV has ever made. The end wasn't as satisfactory as I hoped, but hopefully there will be another season. Only a few more episodes of Lost and The Office are left as well. On the plus side, this will make me ride my bike more as I'll have nothing else to do, other than play Tiger Woods Golf on the Wii.


Pete said...

You're forgetting the run for the Stanley cup!

James said...

umm are you kidding. You have 160 more Met games to watch, as they are on track to go 162-0.

This is history in the making