Saturday, April 21, 2007

Last Midterm Ever!

I have a midterm on Monday, and I think it is my last for the foreseeable future, just one final and a prelim left, assuming I don't fail the prelim in August. I am tired of taking tests.

Adam is in Alabama for the weekend so I have the house to myself. This means that I am rarely wearing pants, a nice feeling indeed. I also baked a pie, it is delicious although I wish it was cherry instead of apple. I watched two "chick flicks" over the past few days, I think my subconscious wants me to get a girlfriend. This would involve me meeting new girls, so it probably won't happen.

The first movie I watched was "My Super Ex-Girlfriend". This is not Luke Wilson at his best, although I found myself extremely attracted to Uma Therman, probably because she had glasses on for most of the movie.

The second movie was "The Break-Up". It pretty much sucked and I do not recommend it. I'm tired of Vince Vaughn and his whole I can talk fast thing. It was also fairly shocking to see how fat John Favre has gotten since Swingers. I hope this is not the future that awaits me.

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James said...

I think your subconscious is telling you, you're a girl.