Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Quite The Weekend

I had a great weekend, let me do a little recap for you.

Saturday, I got some excellent sleep in time and did some needed gardening with Katie. Most of of our plants rebounded after getting knocked down by the wind and I put up supports for the tomatoes. Its looking pretty decent. That night I went out with some buddies, where we were accosted by the Red Stripe girls at the Lazy Dog. In other words, I got free beer and it was delicious.

Sunday morning, I volunteered at the Boulder Sprint Triathlon as a bike marshall, which involves standing on a corner and pointing to where people should turn. It wasn't too exciting, but roommate Adam got third in his age division, most likely because my presence inspires peak performance. Later in the day, Adam's girlfriend Emily was nice enough to drive Pete and I to Nederland where rode up into the Indian Peaks and dominated some high alpine trails, here are some pics:

We rode back through Gold Hill and got some delicious apple pie right before the general store closed. Once I got home, I took a shower and to top off the day, Alien vs Predator was on. It was incredible.

In a slight downturn in fortune, I've had to deal with Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum today, aka my semi-retarded upstairs neighbors. Two weeks ago, Rich came down and issued a series of profanities like "faggot-ass college kids" and whatnot because we supposedly called the landlord about them NEVER cleaning up their dog's poop. We never actually called her, but a month or so ago she asked me how the yard looked and I told her the back yard was long and we weren't mowing it because of said poop.

Last week, I had to explain to them how they owed $53 instead of $50 in bills. It involved adding two numbers together and dividing by two.

Today, I came home to find an empty box of Tide in front of the door with a note reading

"This was Mindy and Richie's soap. Hope it cleaned your clothes."

Of course neither of us have ever used their soap. I haven't yet decided how to respond, but I like Adam's suggestion of the following:

Rich and Mindy,

Thanks! I think you're mistaken about us using the soap, but just in case, thanks for the laundry assistance. Feel free to take the $2.89 out of the $289 you owe us for the cable you've stolen this year.


The "Faggot-Ass College Students" Downstairs

They were nice enough to lie to us about getting cable for free, and we noticed sometime back that they were watching ESPN and whatnot. We never said anything, but perhaps the time is now. Post your suggestions for a response in the comments!

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Christian said...

How about the always classic "Die in a fire." Except, as a twist, you actually light their apartment on fire while they're asleep.