Friday, June 1, 2007

Notre Dame Scheduling

Whoever sets the schedule for Notre Dame football is a complete idiot. Being that living with Adam forces me to watch every Notre Dame football game, I was somewhat interested in who they're playing this year. Here it is:

September 1 Georgia Tech
September 8 at Penn State
September 15 at Michigan
September 22 Michigan State
September 29 at Purdue
October 6 at UCLA
October 13 Boston College
October 20 USC
November 3 Navy
November 10 Air Force
November 17 Duke
November 24 at Stanford

Taken as a whole, this is a pretty challenging schedule (minus Duke and the insane number of home games, come on!). However, the last four games are ridiculously easy. Here is what is going to happen this coming season. Notre Dame is going to win and lose at the start of the season, get in the rankings probably in the latter half of the teens. Then they'll win their last four by blowouts and not move up at all, and I will be forced to listen to Adam bitch about how they're getting no respect, which will undoubtedly be extremely annoying. They will then get to some bowl game where they'll get stomped because they hadn't played a quality team since October 20, over two months! Spread the difficulty around a bit, you complete retards.

Here is an example of a schedule not designed by morons:

08/30 Utah
09/06 at Cincy
09/15 Idaho St
09/22 at Arizona St
09/29 UCLA
10/06 Arizona
10/13 at California
10/27 Stanford
11/03 at USC
11/10 Washington
11/17 at Wash St
12/01 at Oregon

Put the fluff at the beginning so you can work out the kinks and then start playing quality teams. Who's schedule is this? Oregon State. My prediction is an 11-1 season, including a spanking by USC as revenge for last year. They'll probably get a BCS game and have a repeat of the OSU-Nortre Dame game except they'll be playing a team that deserves to be in a BCS game. Snap!


Christian said...

11-1? You're dreaming. Granted, its a nice dream. But a dream nonetheless.

Hermano said...

You are, to put it mildly, retarded. Quality teams will not play Notre Dame at the end of the season because they don't want a hard game in the middle of their conference schedule. The only exception to this is USC, who will play ND in the 2d to last week of the season -- but only when ND goes to LA. Otherwise, USC doesn't want to deal with the weather and schedules for mid-October.