Thursday, May 10, 2007

Gold Hill Via Switzerland

This morning I took the Surly on a ride with Ben and two professors from my department to Gold Hill, via the Switzerland Trail, check the route below:

Tom (one of the profs) drove us to the turnoff in his truck and we rode from there. It was nice taking a truck past the pavement, but I felt a little guilty not climbing the entire thing!

Last year, I rode a variation of this route on my old Specialized Enduro, and decided it was overkill, hence the trade in for the Surly. It performed like a champ, climbing with very little effort, at least compared with the full suspensions I was riding with. I think it may have inspired Ben to look into a cross bike.

The only downside to the skinny tires is descending on loose gravel, I defiantly experienced a little slippage.

Unfortunately, both Ben and I were in a hurry today and missed out on pie, a huge tragedy in my opinion and I hope never to repeat it.

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