Thursday, May 3, 2007

Almost Done

I just finished giving my final project presentation in my computational fluid dynamics class, meaning I am finished with 1 out of 2 classes for this semester! The presentation went well, it was on immersed boundary techniques. For those of you who have any idea what a PDE is (skip to next paragraph if not), this method allows you to simulate boundaries inside your domain without altering your grid in any way. Since you're solving on a cartesian grid, things are simple and clear for your actual solver. Also, it is extremely easy to simulate moving boundaries with this method, a bonus for me as I aspire to simulate moving droplets.

What I found most shocking in this course is how incredibly dumb most of the aerospace engineering graduate students seem to me. Their final projects consisted of using commercial code and having no idea what it actually does. I equate this to learning how to use photoshop or something, making a picture, and saying you drew it by hand. I am continually shocked by engineers, what do they actually do?

Monday is my Applied Analysis final. I wish I could use commercial software on that, its going to be a bitch. Four days of studying await me!

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