Thursday, May 24, 2007


A few days ago, one of the graduate students in my group freaked out and decided to quit at his masters. He was the senior most graduate student in the group, and since there is only three of us working on this project, I have now become the senior most member.

This doesn't mean anything, other than I'm first in line to go to conferences and talk about our research. Interestingly enough, it now appears that I have a good chance of going to Bulgaria October 14-19th on the dime of the school to present a paper! I find this somewhat insane, being that I've never left N. America and I would be doing this solo (unless anyone wants to come, free hotel room if you do).

I'm thinking that I would have to stick around for another week or so and do a little traveling, maybe in Greece, Bulgaria is just north of it.

If anyone has been there, let me know!

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