Sunday, December 2, 2007

IF I was a Republican...

I'd vote for Ron Paul. Check this video out:

I got to say, I really like him. He has some insane ideas (i.e. pulling out of the UN) but his justification for them is seems fairly reasonable and logical. You can read more on his positions here:

Ron Paul Positions via Wikipedia

Also, he makes such a great point about the principles of the Republican party. Aren't they supposed to stand for less government? Being fiscally responsible? That's clearly something that has been lacking in all the Republican presidents that have served in my lifetime. After all, the only president to ever balance the budget in the past few decades was Clinton! He's got about 0% chance of getting the nomination, that'll go to some polarizing asshole who believes the Earth is 3000 years old, but you got to start somewhere.

And if you've got $100 to blow, maybe spend it here:

Tea Party 2007

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Stephen said...

I a pretty big Ron Paul guy. I've got a bumper sticker and everything. The other republicans are retarded, and it pissed me off when none of the democrats could guarantee we'd be out of Iraq by the end of their term in office.

He won a recent straw poll in Virginia, and is raising a lot of money.

Virginia GOP Retreat Straw Poll Results:

Ron Paul 182 (38%)

Fred Thompson 112 (23%)

Mike Huckabee 51 (11%)

Rudy Guiliani 45 (9%)

Mitt Romney 43 (9%)

Buuuuut, he'll probably get assassinated by someone in big oil or the federal reserve. Oh well.