Sunday, December 2, 2007


This was by far the most stressful Civil War game I've seen in a long time, the highs and lows almost gave me a heart attack. Luckily, the Beavers managed to pull off the victory at Autzen, their first at Autzen since 1993.

There is a reasonable chance that OSU will get into the Holiday Bowl, which they've never played in. Most likely, the opponent would be Texas, which I think would make for a pretty interesting matchup, especially since Pippa is a Texas alumni. If we don't get the Holiday Bowl, we're headed to the Sun Bowl again to play South Florida. I don't like this match up nearly as much, as losing to South Florida would be embarrassing and winning doesn't gain you much.

We should know what bowl we're headed to once the BCS bowls are announced, hopefully ASU will get the Fiesta Bowl giving OSU the Holiday Bowl.

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