Friday, March 21, 2008


Well this blog has become like many of the things in my life, passe. This is partly because I have become saturated on the primaries, pretty much the candidates have run out of things to say. I'm sure it'll rev up again as we near April 22nd. Why is this still going on? Hilary, there is no way you're going to get the majority of the caucus voters, especially now that it looks like Florida and Michigan aren't going to be sat at the convention.

My theory is that she secretly wants Obama to lose the general election, so she can run again in four years. I think the longer she draws this thing out, the more it hurts Obama in the general election. This is a pretty decent strategy, I think the economy might tank during the next president's term, and whoever is at the helm is probably going to get the blame.

I used to be a big fan of McCain, he has always been in the middle. That is until recently, when he sided with the tax cuts and his somewhat insane war philosophy. However, I think some of this was him playing to the right to get the nomination, I'm sure he'll pull more towards the center as we get closer to the general election.

This brings me to tax cuts. How can making tax cuts permanent be a good idea when the US is trillions of dollars in debt and there is a looming economic disaster slowly approaching? Not the debt down and reverse the decline of the dollar before a world wide depression hits!

What I find more amazing is the loans that banks were making to cause a large portion of all this (this from a guy who has thousands of dollars in student loans). The stories of people's debt problems nowadays is mind blowing. What happens when these people retire? Clearly, they haven't been saving for that. Are they expecting social security to pick up the tab? Doubtful, since it would bankrupt the country. Maybe there will be some way of taking care of the seniors al a The Giver, yikes!

Anyways, I am off to Utah soon for a short backpacking adventure on the Escalante. Will be back Tuesday night with ridiculous pictures of the trip.

Also, I have locked down my housing situation starting in August. I'm moving to 1825 Marine ST into a 1br condo with a loft. I should have lots of space, so I encourage friends to visit me, although I have no furniture. It'll be nice to be within walking distance of both my office and downtown Boulder!

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