Thursday, January 10, 2008

January 13th will be a bad day for Fox

Why will it be a bad day for them? Because the geniuses at Fox decided it would be a good idea to make a show called Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. This is some sort of spin off of the movies, but I can guarantee it will suck balls. Big time.

On the other hand, NBC started up the American Gladiators franchise again, which could have been the smartest idea in the entire world, except they decided to fill it will all kinds of commentary from the contestants, made the challenges less extreme than the original (The Eliminator is pathetic), and its about 50% commercials. They must really be hurting from the writer's strike, although hiring Hulk Hogan to host the show must have cost some serious cash. I'm glad that five years from now, kids that are home from school sick will have something to watch on USA. Now they just need to remake McGuyver to complete the sick-from-school tv watching trifecta, because I still think The People's Court is on the air.

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Stephen said...

My roommates have dish, and it's amazing to me that even with like 600 channels, there's STILL nothing good on . . . unless you get into the premium movie channels. Ass Worship 9? Classic.