Monday, January 7, 2008

And the most overrated conference is...

The Big 10! No surprise here really, but what is more surprising is their bowl record since 2001:

2001 2-4
2002 5-2
2003 3-5
2004 3-3
2005 3-4
2006 2-5
2007 3-4
Total 24-31

Thats a .44 winning percentage, the worst of any of the major conferences. The pac-10?

2001 2-3
2002 2-5
2003 4-2
2004 3-2
2005 3-2
2006 3-3
2007 4-2
Total 25-21

.54 winning percentage, just like the Blazers of the 90s. The SEC? A scary .63 winning percentage. Ohio State isn't going to win a championship until they play a team in the national title game that isn't from the SEC (or USC).


Hermano said...

And yet the Big Ten has only 1 fewer victory. 19% more bowl games played in.

You can't be overrated if the media constantly tells everyone how bad you are.

And why the hell do you now feel the need to moderate comments?

My name is Patrick. said...

As usual, your comments are retarded. The big 10 playing in more games is in part due to them having more members, and in part to them being overrated, which is evident from the large sample size of losses they have. Of course, you probably don't understand what a sample size is...

Hermano said...

Having one extra team per year over a 7 year period accounts for the Big Ten having 9 more bowl games played? That's interesting math.

My name is Patrick. said...

That's exactly why they're overrated, the extra games are from people thinking the conference is good, when in fact they suck balls.