Friday, July 27, 2007


It is finally raining outside, threatening to do so all day. I was excited this morning when I checked the weather and there was a flash flood warning posted for most of Colorado. This means there is the potential for said flash floods. Severe weather excites me and I always hope to be there for the action. I distinctly remember traveling to my aunt's house in Western Nebraska when I was about 13 and really hoping to see a tornado. No such luck.

My god I have been in school a long time. This is what I've been thinking as of late. Maybe I should move to Denver and commute to Boulder. That could increase the fun factor - I do enjoy a good bus ride. When I was riding the bus to the airport in Portland, there was a mentally ill person making all kinds of strange noises; I felt like I was on the set of Police Acadamy. AWESOME. I think this past week's trip to Portland has ruined me. One disturbing trend I've noticed is that almost all my friends back in Portland are single, or at least not ready to be married. In contrast, a large portion of the people I know in Boulder are in serious relationships/engadged/already married. Why are all my Boulder friends married? Where are the others not ready to be tied down?

The constant influence of being around other couples while I am in Colorado sometimes makes me long for a girlfriend, like when I watch a movie solo at night or I want to go out to dinner. Evenings by myself can be lonely and boring, I find myself baking things to kill the time (what will I do when the landlord removes the oven!). Tonight I made these killer calzones that blew my mind with deliciousness. Then I ate one by myself. I seem to have a hard time getting people to eat dinner with me, both yesterday and today my invitations to several people were declined. Maybe I chew with my mouth open or something.

That last little bit sounds like some serious self loathing, but rest assured it is not. This is just how it is when you pretty much live by yourself without any friends that live in say a one block radius. I don't feel too bad about it, in fact I think I'd feel much worse if I was obligated to eat dinner with the same person every night. I think I'd eventually be throwing plates of asparagus against the wall circa American Beauty. The joy of being single is I get to do whatever I want whenever without feeling like I need to invite someone along.

I believe in the near future I'll be keeping my relationship exclusive with this blog. After all, I can say whatever and you rarely comment back. My only complaint is that I can't spice up the lingo or subject matter too much as I discovered on my trip back to Oregon that I have a surprisingly high number of relatives that occasionally read this. Its a shame really because I strongly believe that the occasional f-bomb can really add some flavor to the dialog. Rest assured, when I do start dating someone those conversations will be lightly peppered with profanity.


Mary said...

Lame. Pete and I have talked about moving to Denver... we're all over the board when it comes to moving somewhere. Once I am back from camp for good your life will turn around. I promise.

Christian said...


(You can be profane vicariously through me.)

Stephen said...


What is wrong with your friends? I have a girl friend, but would leave her at the drop of a dime if I knew someone was making calzone.

I have the same problem on my blog, I made the mistake of one day emailing the link to all my family. My old myspace blog had a little more flavor.

As for SLC in Nov., you should definitely hit me up. I could show you the one bar in provo (full of homeless people, NOT students). On second thought, we should probably stick to Salt Lake.