Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dickheads Gone

The day has come at last, my dickhead neighbors have moved out! Several hilarious things occurred on while they were leaving 39th street, let me relay them to you.

1) I came home to find the garbage overflowing and the recycling bins full of trash. What a burn Mindy and Rich! Looks like I'll be stuffing said trash in the neighborhood trash cans on my way home from quiz night. I'm thinking this is mainly a result of me being in Portland last Friday and them being too dumb to realize they needed to take the trash out, since when I came home on Tuesday the cans were on the curb, unemptied. I am fairly certain they are under the belief that you just bring the trash out when its full and the trucks well come any day of the week.

2) They ran the hose all day in the lawn trying to get rid of the burn spots in the backyard from their dog. That will guarantee a full refund on your deposit!

3) They never evened up on bills for the past two months. Too bad they have a huge deposit with the landlord who loves us and we'll be getting the cash through that if they don't pay. I'll be slapping all the water they wasted onto the bill I give them.

4) They disconnected the cable that they had been stealing all year. Luckily, they left their windows open and I just hopped inside and reconnected it.

I would be somewhat pissed about items 1 - 4, but the joy I feel about having them gone easily overcomes the rage!

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