Monday, October 1, 2007

Pooping of Pants Avoided

Well, I finally got my passport, although I found out last night I should have had it September 5th. I spent most of yesterday night and this morning freaking out about it and what to do when I managed to get ahold of someone at the passport office. Turns out they sent everything to 305 S 39TH ST instead of 365 S 39TH ST. I went down to that house today and sure enough, they had my passport and birth certificate sitting in their mail pile! Now I've got it and I'm set to head to Europe.

Besides that, I had a pretty terrific weekend. Rode the bike over Loveland Pass Saturday morning and then went to a wine party on the top floor of some huge office building in downtown Denver. It was for the launching party of this website,, which is like facebook for people who like wine. I also brought a kickass date with me, a nice change from the solo show. I didn't get to bed until late but had to get up early to ride up to Brainard Lake Sunday. I did do the ride, it was sunny all morning, but was pretty wiped at the end of it and I fell asleep at 7:30, getting a good 12 hours of sleep.

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