Monday, September 17, 2007

Dogs and Football

My roommate Adam got a dog on Friday, a Malamute thats about 6 months old and is supposed to get up to 130 pounds. Its like having a small horse running around. Its name is Cuyahoga, after the river that caught fire in Cleveland in the 70s. Its a pretty stupid name but its not my dog.

Unfortunately, Cuy got a little sick this weekend and left an insane amount of diarrhea all over his crate in the kitchen and in Adam's room. It must have been coming out at some serious velocity, because the spray was several feet up on the cabinets. He was pretty docile all weekend, but seems to have regained his energy this morning.

I also dominated Adam in a heads up match in fantasy football, a trend that is most likely to continue throughout the season.

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Jake said...

The detailed commentary on Cuy's excriment is really unnecessary ans should be censored from future posts.